Residential Solar System

Residential Solar System

Making a better future for the next generation starts at home. Participate while saving money through selfconsumption and Net Energy Metering (NEM).

Solar energy is environmentally friendly, renewable, and abundant

Producing your own solar energy offsets the electricity you purchase from the grid. With sunlight reaching Malaysia all year, switching to a solar system presents an excellent opportunity to cut your electricity bill with a long-term, low-risk investment.
Terrace House
Terrace houses are a common housing type in Malaysia. As electricity prices continue to rise, more terrace home owners are preferring to put solar power systems in their homes to lower their electricity bills.
The majority of household electricity is used to power electrical equipment such as air conditioning, refrigerators, and hot showers. Allow your rooftop Solar PV to meet your home's electrical needs while reducing your carbon footprint through clean energy generation.
As your house size grows, so does your electricity needs. This means you are spending more on paying electricity bills when it could have been used towards a family vacation or upgrading your house. Going solar helps reduce your energy dependency and at the same time, increase your house value because it is considered as an upgrade.

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